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Our Company Values

  • We pay it forward. We share knowledge with our peers, our clients and colleagues all over the world. We share to connect, to learn, to grow, to be open and to be transparent. ​We share the passion for making a difference in the world. For making an impact. We share the value of being part of a collaborative, role-based and diverse organisation respectfully embracing different personalities, cultures and opinions.

  • We thrive in environments that are full of complexity and ambiguity. We dare to challenges ourselves, each other, our clients and go into unknown territories. Fueled by our shared passion, we dare to trust each other and go new, innovative ways to make extraordinary things happen. ​We dare to take the lead. To take responsibility even when things have failed. We dare to speak up and to be honest

  • We care about the end user experience. We care for our client's business and about the quality of the things we create. We deeply care about the vibe and well being of our teams. We care for ourselves and our colleagues to live healthy lives.​We care about the world we live in and in taking responsibility for our role in improving human lives and make the world a better place for everyone.​

What our team says about us....

  • I joined Valtech as wanted to join a company that embraced people from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities that welcomed people wherever they came from. What I didn’t know when I joined Valtech is that not only would I join a company but I would join a family. I love the flexibility I have within my role to manage my time how I want. Valtech trusts in what you do and no matter what you are working on you can be sure that you have a company behind you that supports you and wants you to thrive. Working for Valtech has not only helped me to further my technical skills but also rounded me further as a leader.

    Rami Attallah

    Senior Solution Engineer

  • Redesigning digital work environments of entire companies is an energizing, personal challenge. But only the strength of my team at Valtech gives me the confidence to deliver outstanding results.

    Elisabeth Stettler

    Principal Consultant

  • I knew Valtech was the right employer for me even from the early interview stages. In comparison to other companies on the market they were clearly more knowledgeable both from a technical and business perspective. What I love about my job is how hands on it is and how I can advise if something technically won’t be good for the future. I appreciate that I am not forced to used archived solutions that are on their way out and instead get to work daily with modern development tools. Collectively and individually the technical team at Valtech are the most competent people I have ever worked with.

    Samuel Gomez

    Senior Frontend Engineer

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